Hi, I’m Ash!

Hi there! My name is Ashlyn Faye “Ash” Duran, a 17 year old teenager aspiring to be a great doctor and motivator. I came from a family of four where I am the oldest sibling of two children. I love books, TV shows, anime, nature and animals, especially kittens. I also love listening and singing to music and sometimes playing the harmonica. Chocolate and ice cream are my favorites and sleeping is one of my most effective, most loved stress reliever and pastime.

The contents of my blog mainly focus on motivating ourselves despite life’s unending troubles and disappointments. I want to share my dreams, insights and hopes as we journey together towards our dreams and goals. I really hope that this blog of mine would bring smiles into your life even just for a moment. Let’s continue inspiring and motivating each other to become better and eventually winners of life.