God’s Masterpiece

We are God’s grand masterpiece, each one with a uniqueness found only in each being, since we were created according to the likeness of our Creator. We are all beautiful in our own extraordinary ways. This is the very reason why we should not be insecure around other people, why we should not be anxious of ourselves, of how we look, think, speak and act. We should not be ashamed of our unchangeable traits – our “imperfections”, “peculiarities” and “abnormalities” – as some of us may label ourselves. Instead, we should embrace our own beauty, accept our flaws and weaknesses, make them our strengths, and be proud of who we are today.

No two people are alike, not even identical twins nor clones. You cannot be compared to other people because you were made unique and not like everybody else. You were made for a different purpose; you just feel like rubbish at the moments because you don’t realize that yet. You cannot force yourself to change or let others change what is impossible to change in you because it is already a part of who you are. Are you bullied because you have a dark complexion or because you are “too short” or “too tall” for your age? Are you discriminated because you have a different gender orientation, where you are attracted to the same sex or both? Are you put to shame because you are born from a broken family or because you cannot reach your parent’s expectations? Are you tired of hearing them compare you with your “ideal sister”, “responsible brother” and “gifted cousin”? Are you belittled and treated unjustly because you came from a simple family or from a poor upbringing? Are you secretly crying every night, wishing that it would all just end but had to resort to nothing but a restless sleep because you have to wake up the next day and just pretend it never happened? These are some of the “imperfections” you have in your list of “bad things about myself” that cannot be changed or sometimes difficult to eradicate because they are in your nature, in your genes, consequences of your parent’s actions, influence of your upbringing and environment, or some might just say, it is your fate, you were destined to this life. In the end, all you can do is to accept these things about yourself and live on. Move forward and ever onward. Make these challenges a motivation not a discouragement. Your fate is in your own hands.

Our imperfections, our distinctions from each other, do not define who we truly are and what we will be in the future rather they make us special, one in a billion as I may say.  They make us go beyond the limit, the ordinary, the usual, the “boring”. They make our life colorful and meaningful, making every triumph worth the effort and sacrifice. Our imperfections and weaknesses drive us to become stronger, braver, fiercer and wiser than before. They shape us into the best version of ourselves, to become the genuine and ideal person you desire and are proud to be. There is absolutely no mistake in being different, in being special, in being you. Just show yourself, prove to yourself that you are worthy of respect, worthy of excellence, worthy of love and of trust and the world will just follow after, it always does. Prove to others what you are capable of, not your limitations. Prove to them that you being imperfect – your flaws, your defects, your mistakes – you being not the best and number one star in their eyes, is not a hindrance to your ultimate happiness. Be thankful and proud of God’s gifts. Show them that you are indeed the Lord’s greatest masterpiece.

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